GPRF rebars                                                             GFRP meshes

FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) is composite  material. Composite  materials  are  composed  of  two  or  more  partitions. GFRP   is composed by  polymer  matrix  reinforced  with  high strength fibers. The fibers are the element resistant to the tensioning forces and the matrix is the element that transmits the forces among the fibers, giving in the same time a protection from the external environment.

Benefits of GFRP Rebar:

• High resistance to corrosion and aggressive environments.
• High tensile strength; 2 times higher compared to steel 1100-1300 MPa.
• Low weight; ¼  the weight of an equivalent size steel bar (savings on transportation).
• The lifecycle  in concrete is up to 100 years.
• Durability.
• Continuous threaded profile.
• Flexibility.
• Cuttability.
• Anti-magnetic.
• High thermal isolation.
• No electrical conductivity.
• No toxic.



Concrete Exposed to De-Icing Salts:

  • Parking Structures.
  • Median Barriers.
  • Continuously Reinforced Concrete Paving.
  • Slabs.
  • Salt Storage Facilities.
  • Bridge Decks & Railings.
  • Precast Elements : Bridge Decks, Manhole Covers, Culverts, Rail Grade Crossings.

Concrete Exposed to Marine Chlorides:

  • Piers, Jetties, Piles.
  • Sea Walls, Wharfs, Quays & Dry Docks.
  • Coastal Construction exposed to Salt Fog.
  • Floating Structures, Offshore Structures.
  • Canals.

Concrete Exposed to High Voltages & Electromagnetic Fields

  • Light & Heavy Rail – 3rd Rail Isolation.
  • Hospital MRI Areas.
  • High Voltage Substations.
  • Cable Ducts & Banks.
  • Aluminum Smelters & Steel Mills.
  • Radio Frequency Sensitive Areas.
  • Airport radio & compass calibration pads.
  • High Speed Highway Tolling Zones.

Concrete Exposed to Other Corrosive Agents

  • Wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Pulp/paper mill.
  • Petrochemical plants, liquid gas plants.
  • Pipelines / tanks for fossil fuel.
  • Cooling towers, chimney.
  • Mining operations of various type.
  • Nuclear power and Dump plants.




GFRP anchor rock bolts